Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Making a plan

I have a few things brewing over the next few weeks, firstly is doodleplanet this Thursday at the usual place..Telfords Warehouse in Chester..starting at 8pm
also, hoping to have a stall at an amazing event being held in Liverpool in June,its an event selling handmade books.. so that would be very brilliant to do that.. I'm excited about it.. I am also thinking of trying to set up an arts and crafts event in Chester during the summer.. hopefully involving local artists, illustrators, makers, musicians live art etc.. so i am in deep thought about that at the moment..theres some other things that are just in the talking about stages as well, but if it all goes to plan, this should be a very very exciting year..hoorah..I may be interviewed about my cardboard city animation too....yay!

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