Sunday, 2 May 2010

The Ministry Of Frogs

The Ministry of Frogs is the name of a new publication. We are looking to publish creative work that is inspired by folk art. From taxidermy to tattooing, woodcarving and smocking, signs, handlettering, illustration, embroidery, quilts, millinery and floristry, ceramics, insignia, secret societies, parades and celebrations, music and musical instruments, dances and costumes, special food, traditions and rituals.

created by Desdemona Mccannon

 If you are interested in submitting to The Ministry Of Frogs, please email you images to


Anonymous said...

thank you! I hope you and Seb will collaborate on something? Des x

sebleputois said...

yes i'd like to !

BigEyes World said...

I'm looking for something to collaborate with you!

Abi Whitehouse said...