Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sketch O Matic

This Friday between 1-2pm, i will be taking part in Sketch-O-Matic at the Corner House in Manchester.

Following on from the huge success of the first Sketch-O-Matic last year, when 40+ artists, illustrators, poets, doodle-makers and pensmiths created instant-ish portraits of almost 1,000 sitters, we are happy to announce that the booth is coming back! It will launch for the Manchester Weekender on Fri 12 October for a 10 day residency. You are invited to sit inside the booth as if for a photograph and make a minimum donation of £1 to an artist through an anonymous slot in return for a self-portrait. But where the machinery should be is a tiny, fully equipped artist studio. Wait five minutes (give or take) and the image will appear. It may be a pencil drawing, doodle, cartoon, collage or even a word-poem. Take it, frame it, consider it. Now you are both patron and muse!
Many of last year’s favourite artists will be making a return, but we’ll also be welcoming lots of new participants who will fold themselves into a ball in order to capture your visage for posterity. Although fun, Sketch-O-Matic makes a more serious statement about the need for all of us to invest in cultural production.
Presented alongside Top Bunk! a Cornerhouse Project exhibition featuring affordable limited prints.

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